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food, bowls,

To feed him

Animania specializes in veterinary diets. A complete selection of Hill’s Prescription Diet and Healthy Advantage, Purina Pro-Plan veterinary diets, Royal Canin veterinary diets and Rayne are available. You will also find a wide variety of bowls and drinking fountains that will fit right into your décor.

Healthy snacks,
baked goods,
chew bones……

To treat him

An impressive array of healthy treats and chew bones adapted to the needs of your pet are available. Whether it be allergies, food sensitivities, medical conditions or simply for training, we have a solution!

ID tags…

For outings

What could be more satisfying than to go for a walk with your furry friend especially when you have the right equipment! Animania offers a wide array of high quality collars, leashes and harnesses made in Canada. You will also find all the must-have accessories such as coats and sweaters of all sizes as well as treat bags, poop bags, lights, ID tags, etc…


For slumber

Animania offers a large selection of affordable high-quality beds with washable and removable covers in many styles and fabrics to insure the comfort of your dog or cat and to coordinate with your décor.

Interactive toys,
plush toys,

To entertain him

Our pets love to play! In fact it’s essential for their physical and mental well-being! Animania offers a large variety of safe and chew-resistant toys to keep them entertained. We can also suggest many interactive options.

combs, perfumes…

To make him handsome

What can be more satisfying that to cuddle with our pet, especially when he smells good! Animania has a large selection of shampoos, conditioners and perfumes tailored to all skin and fur types. Being inside a vet hospital also gives you access to medicated solutions. You will also find many types of grooming instruments to keep his fur tangle- free.

dental products…

For a great smile

Dental health is essential to the well-being of your pet. Let us suggest different veterinary-grade products to help with hygiene: toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental chews, specialized treats, etc…

health products,
flea and tick
ear and eye

For his health

Animania, being part of a Veterinary center, you have access to veterinary-grade products. Whether it be for flea and tick prevention, joint, ear or eye problems, we have a solution for you.

Gift items,
cleaning products,
household items…

For the owner

For a clean and odor-free home, we have many safe and effective solutions for you and your pets. You will also find a great selection of animal-themed gift items for all pet-lovers!

car seats…

For trips

To insure safe, clean and easy trips with you furry friends, we offer a complete selection of harnesses, car seats, carriers, car ramps, seat covers, etc… Let us suggest the best solutions!

Pipi pads,
incontinence briefs,
poop bags…

For housebreaking

Animania offers a wide selection of products to manage all their housebreaking needs. For dogs: pipi pads, incontinence or period briefs, poop bags, etc… For cats: litter boxes and many natural litter brands.

They love to be pampered too!