November 16th 2020 – Our daycare is closed for an indefinite period.
Your dog is bored at home alone? At Animania daycare your companion can jog, play socialize all day!
A sitter monitors and entertains your pets with toys and agility equipment in an 1800 square-foot, fully glassed-in play area. This exceptional service allows dogs to exercise and interact in a safe and secure environment. An outside park is also available in good weather.

The dogs are taken out on a leash several times a day to relieve themselves. Veterinarians are on the premises at all times for your peace of mind.

Safe and dynamic
  • Indoor and Outdoor Playground
  • Fully-glazed 1800 square foot gaming
  • Toys and agility equipment
  • Multiple outputs allowed per day
  • Meals according to your specifications
  • Veterinarians on site at all times
  • Clerk to animal welfare present at all times


  • Provides your dog regular exercise to keep healthy
  • Increases the socialization with other dogs
  • Avoids separation anxiety and behaviors destructeure home
  • Improves the quality of life of your pet
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Monday to friday
7 am to 6 pm

For reservation

450 781-1200 #4

Qualified staff & veterinarians on site 24H
This boarding service is the only one of its kind in Quebec. Our attentive team will ensure their welfare at all times.


Beauty Boarding

We offer grooming care during his stay!

Ask about it!